Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Oh What A Night

Good morning everyone,

So we (Matthew and Mommy) had our first trip to the emergency room in an ambulance last night. Matthew went into a coughing fit and could not breathe, and when he started turning blue around the lips, cheeks and eyes I called 911. I was getting Thomas changed up for bed and Matthew appeared at my side crying and coughing so hard he could not get a breath and he sounded so "juicy" it scared the crap right out of me. Needless to say, they did a chest xray and compared it to the one they did last Thursday (he had a follow up check for his ear infection and while there the doctor did not like the sound of this lungs-he had had a coughing fit in the car on the over) and it looked fine. It seems that his lungs went into a spasm and they could not relax enough for him to get a good breath. My parents were here with me while Reed was at school for Parent teacher conferences so we called Reed and he was waiting at the emergency room for us. Matthew fell asleep in the ambulance and was all smiles once he saw his Daddy. So needless to say, we are seeing our share of the emergency room and hospital lately and I will not be sad if we don't see it again for a very long time. And hopefully that will be Matthew's only excursion in the ambulance during his childhood (and hopefully Thomas will never need it).


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