Monday, November 16, 2009

Sick Boys

Ok so Thomas went through a very bad case of Hand, Foot and Mouth and ended up being admitted to the hospital on Sunday with fevers of 106 after being in the emergency room Saturday as well. He came home late Monday night and stayed home with me on Tuesday (and spend Wed-Friday with Memere and Pepere on Friday). By Thursday of last week he started feeling better. Matthew was back to daycare on Wednesday (he had not gotten anything yet but daycare was all sick)then started throwing up on Thursday so he stayed home with me on Friday. Saturday Reed had to work so we all spent the day with Memere and Pepere and everyone seemed to be doing much better until Matthew started throwing up again and then Thomas all night long. Then Reed on Sunday. All three boys seem to be doing better today (the younger ones better than the older one) and the younger ones are once again with Memere and Pepere. Lets hope all are better by tomorrow and that I don't come down with it. I think this might be a long sicky winter.

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