Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick Boys

So Tuesday night it began (well really on Sunday when both boys started showing signs of a head cold). Both boys were irritable at daycare on Monday (enough to cause daycare to call me to alert me to that fact) but were fine Monday night. Tuesday night we put Thomas to bed around his normal bed time and all seemed fine. Around 1 AM we heard this terrible sound on the monitor and ran into this room to discover that the little man could hardly breathe in the laying down position and upright was not so great either. So Daddy rushed him to the emergency room (which by the way the new hospital is GREAT) to discover that Thomas has Croup and needed a breathing treatment and a steroid shot. Then they had to watch him for 3 hours. He came home and other than having to go see his normal doctor in the morning and eating (the steroid makes him so hungry--more than he normally is) he slept most of the day. So he is now taking a steroid for a few days to ensure his airways stay open.

So this morning I took Matthew to the doctor because his cough has gotten worse only to discover that he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy!!! So he starts a 10 day antibiotic. Lets hope all are feeling better for the holidays.

The Nonkens

Friday, December 5, 2008

Matthew Update

Good morning everyone,

So the GI specialist wants to try another medication with Matthew. This one (according to him) should not have the same side-effects but it has to be compounded (not a big deal in my eyes as most of his other medication had to be compounded anyway). So we will give it a try and see how he does. We should be able to start the new medication either tomorrow or Sunday.

He did co-sleep with me the last two nights and slept very well. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that this will work.

Sue, Reed, Matthew and Thomas

Thanksgiving Holiday

Hi everyone,

We had such a great Thanksgiving Holiday and were blessed to have Reed's sister Lisa and Step-Mom Lilli visit us. We were able to sit down and have a great Thanksgiving feast and the boys throughly enjoyed having company as you can see below:

Gramma Lilli and the boys:

Thomas sitting like a big boy:

Gramma Lilli and Matthew:

Both boys in their "cammi" outfits:

Thomas and Aunt Lisa:

Getting ready for our Thanksgiving stroll with our make-shift hats:

Our brand new high-chairs (Thank you Gramma Mimi)

Our new "Trailing a Little Behind" Outfit:

Daddy and Thomas:

A few of Matthew:

A few of Thomas:

Thomas with spiky hair (Daddy was having fun):

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Quick Update

Hi everyone:

Quick update (I hope to post more tomorrow with some new pictures). Matthew saw the GI specialist in Greensboror last week and was given a new medication to try. Needless to say--he could not take it as it made him much worse so we have stopped the medication. Basically, unless he stops eating or drops in his consumption (as he is at the lower limit on what is acceptable) or loses weight, there is nothing else they can really do as we have tried most of the medications for reflux for infants (that they feel would work anyway) so we are now going to try and wait for Matthew to out grow the reflux. In the meantime, we are trying co-sleeping to see if that will be better than sleeping in a recliner.

Thomas is doing great and is getting big.

They had their 6 month check up yesterday and Thomas weighed 19 pounds 9 ounces and is 27.5 inches long and Matthew weighed 16 pounds 14 ounces and is 26 inches long. They got their 6 month shots and their first flu shot and Matthew ended up with a fever from them.

Otherwise all is good and I hope to post some pictures from our first Thanksgiving--it was great to have Grandma Lilli and Aunt Lisa visit and we have some great pictures to post with them.

Reed, Sue, Matthew and Thomas