Saturday, November 17, 2012

Here are some of their Halloween pictures:

Ok--so very clearly I have not been keeping this up to date. The boys are now 4 and a half years old and started Pre-school in September. Their four year appointments resulted in the following statistics: Thomas was 44.5 inches and 60 Lbs and Matthew was 41.25 inches and 38 pounds, a good height growth and Thomas really packed on some weight!!

Lets see, Thomas had his tonsils out in Sept 2011 and had a rough recovery with a gastro issue that had him in the hospital for about 4 days! Other than that, he is very healthy and enjoying school very much. But he seems to be doing very well and loves to quiz me on what xx + xx equals!! He continues to be entralled with all things space and loves to watch space documentaries. He has a huge heart and loves to give his "Famous Thomas Hugs). He is a very sensative boy and loves to play hard, sleep soundly and learn whatever he can.

Matthew continues to do well, he is still on his medication for the reflux and bowel issues but other than that, he is a non-stop kind of kid who LOVES anything musical and dancing, he loves dinosaurs and reptiles and anything involving animals. He has really started to enjoy some Batman toys. He has struggled more with his writing than Thomas but excels in other areas. He is the type of child that does not seem to be botherd by much (except being left alone-neither of them like that) and seems to be able to get along well with most everyone. He came home from school the other day very proud of himself - an older girl (a 1st grader) on the bus said he was cute!! So it begins :-) ha ha.

We have the first parent teacher conference on Monday so that will give us a good idea of how they are both progressing there.

I will try to be much better with the updating of the blog, esp now that they are in school and I will try to fill in the blanks on what happened this past year. Once I figure out how to post pictures with the new blog settings, I will do that.