Monday, July 13, 2009

Update on Matthew's Appointment

Hi everyone,

Matthew had a follow up appointment today to have his ears checked since he still had fluid on the ears at his one year checkup. The fluid is all gone. But the rash that he has on his skin is eczema. So now we are trying to get that to clear up and then do what we can to avoid flare ups. The poor guy, I am hoping that this won't plague him his entire life, but it does run in my family.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow, has it really been that long since we posted??? Where does the time go? So lets see what has happened:

--Matthew now has a 4th tooth
--Both Matthew and Thomas like to say Mamma and Dada and know who we are, they both say "ow" if they get hurt, they like to say "cool" if we say it first, they like to say star (but it sounds like tar) and they like to say truck (and other such words).
--Thomas had Roseola a few weeks ago
--We had a very nice visit with Grandma Lilli for a few days and the weather held out enough for us to take them to the park a few times and they loved it. Matthew is now over his fear of the grass and texture stuff
--They are both now on whole milk--no more formula
--Both are mostly eating table food, not much baby food anymore (of course there are still the diapers, but those will be there for ahwile still).

Below are some pictures from June: