Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Pictures

The boys had a great time on Halloween. They were both dressed in oversized Spiderman PJs that had a web under the arm so when you lifted up your arm you could see the web spread out. We only went to a few houses as they really don't understand about Halloween yet and they (and us) certainly don't need the candy. It was more for family and friends in the area to see the boys dressed up. I am posting a few pictures below.

There are a few that are not Halloween pictures--these are the boys looking for their Daddy who was in the basement. I just thought they were too cute not to post and of Aunt Sara giving us a bath.


Anonymous said...

evil sister. :) wicked cute boys. i miss them so much already.

rnonken said...

then come on home!!!! :-) and I'm not evil--I am going to take your pic with the boys a lot so they will have those to look back on!