Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hi everyone,

Reed and I are going to try and use this blog spot as a place to keep everyone up on the babies, as they arrive and as they grow. I am almost through week 33 and things are going very well. I have the normal swelling and gestational diabetes that is currently being managed by diet. I feel really good and the doctors say that I am doing really well. We are hoping that I make it to week 38 at which time they will re-evaluate everything and if all looks good (babies are both head down and no medical issues) they will probably induce me and let me have a natural birth which is what I am hoping for. We have the nursery all set up and I am posting some pictures of that below. For now that is about all and as events occur, I will update the blog and when the babies are born there will be a lot of postings with many pictures. Love to hear from all of you when you have the chance.

Reed and Sue