Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Matthew Reflux Update

We just wanted to give you an update on Matthew as he saw the Pediatric GI specialist this morning (we did not think that was going to happen until January but they called two days ago and said he could see him either Wednesday morning or Thursday morning otherwise it would have to wait until March). We went over Matthew's history and the doctor said that it could be reflux or it could be that he just does not want to sleep by himself and has become accustomed to sleeping with one of us. But he would like to rule out a medical issue as there are enough signs and concerns that this could be a serious reflux issue. So we need to bring Matthew to Portland to the children's hospital for some tests. They are going to do an Upper Endoscopy and an Impedence test. The Upper Endoscopy will be done while he is under anesthesia and they will put a scope down the esophagus to see if there is any inflammation and will take a tissue sample to see if there are any allergies. Then before they wake him up they will put a tube down his nose into the stomach. He will have this for about 24 hours and during that time a little computer will record everything that happens so the doctor will be able to determine if he has reflux and if so what kind and to what extent. We don't know when these tests will occur but we will keep you posted.

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