Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Round 2

Hi Everyone,

We had a great Christmas and were blessed with Reed's sister Lisa and step-mom Lilli coming to visit. We were all very excited to see them both and enjoyed the visit and esp. the dancing in the kitchen. As a bonus, neither boy got sick during this visit--the first time that that has happened. The boys' 2nd Christmas proved to be a great one and at first the boys did not know what the brightly wrapped items were. But after the 1st or 2nd time of opening gifts (they had multiple rounds) they knew just what to do. I am posting some pictures below of the 2nd round of Christmas.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Matthew's Test Schedule

Hi everyone,

Just before Christmas I got a call from the GI specialist's office in Portland and Matthew has been scheduled for his tests on Jan 5th. Since he needs to be at the hospital at 9:30 AM, my Mom and I are going to leave Monday and stay overnight in Portland (at Sara's) Monday night and then go over to the hospital Tuesday morning. Reed is going to stay home with Thomas--that way he is not without both a parent and his sibling for three days. Matthew's first test (where he will be put to sleep) is scheduled for 10:30. 2-3 hours after he wakes up he will be moved to the children's floor and will stay there with a tube down his nose to his stomach until Wednesday morning when they release us from the hospital. It will then take 5-7 days to get the results. We will keep everyone posted.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

An early Christmas

Hi everyone,
The boys had an early "round one" of Christmas this past weekend when both of my sisters were up. The boys had a great time and of course did not understand what was going on. Next year they will understand more. We are so thankful that we were able to spend some time with Sara, Sharon and Abbie (plus Memere and Pepere) last weekend. I am posting some pictures from the weekend and a few of the "garage" that Pepere built the boys to park their cars and trucks in (we had bought one at the store but it turned out to be so flimsy that Pepere decided to build the boys one and they LOVE it).

The other night, Matthew climbed out of the crib three times. We then promptly lowered the crib to the lowest setting (it was on the 2nd to the lowest) and he is now mad that the can't climb out, but I don't think it will take him long to master that. Interesting, Thomas has not tried to climb out at all.