Friday, October 30, 2009

October Update

Well tomorrow is Halloween and the boys will be getting dressed up a bit and doing a little trick-or-treating so I will post some pictures after that. But for now the latest news:

Thomas got two more teeth this week--another one in the front bottom and his first molar--the molar is not completely out yet but two of the corners are out and I think it is causing him a lot of pain. And of course they both got the first of two H1N1 vaccines yesterday so they were not happy with me anyway! I think Matthew is working on getting some new teeth but it may still be a bit for him.

They have been doing really well, though Matthew is now in the stage of head butting--he did it a lot when he was really young and then had stopped for ahwile but now he is back to it. To the point where we are pretty sure he broke Reed's nose last weekend. That would be the 4th time Reed's nose has been broken so he was pretty sure. It was not bad enough to cause bleeding like the last time that he broke it but still very painful. We also think that Matthew's head butting is what caused my deviated septum last year but we will never know for sure. Oh well, at least his head is tough :-)

Here are some random pictures from October--they both love hats and we bought them these "couches" that fold out to a "bed" with a zippered sleeping bag and they love them - though they have not slept in them. I hope to post some Halloween pictures next week.

Well I am having trouble posting pictures. I will keep trying.

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