Monday, January 17, 2011

Big Boy Beds and Potty Chairs

So far this month we have had some big changes with the boys! Both Thomas and Matthew have moved to big boy beds (the crib has been converted into the day bed style with the half bar in the front). Thomas goes to bed well at night in his big boy bed but now gets up early in the morning (around 4) and goes in to sleep with Daddy. Matthew still won't go in his big boy bed for Mommy but will for Daddy and then he normally ends up sleeping with Mommy at some point through the night. We have ordered an "alarm" clock for Thomas' room which will start teaching him time and will glow green when it is ok to get out of bed. Hopefully this will help with him staying in bed a little longer. Thomas has started to use the potty a little (we only started this weekend) but he went three times in it and was so excited about it. Matthew wants nothing to do with the potty yet but is excited to watch his brother pee. We are hoping for a smooth and quick transition for both boys.

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