Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lots of Achievements this weekend

Hi everyone,

I know I have been neglectful on the blog, but we have been so busy. I need to take some more pictures and I took a video today, if I can figure out how to download it and upload it I will. But for now, Matthew started asking to use the potty Friday at daycare and continued all through the weekend with it (not every time he had to go but three to four times a day including a poopy which is a huge step). We also converted both of the toddler beds to full size beds and moved both boys into the same room hoping that Matthew would be interested enough to sleep in the new bed in the same room as Thomas (we have another toddler bed on stand by just in case) but so far he has gone to sleep really well in his new bed each night (that's three nights in a row) and the first night he slept through the night in his bed. Last night he woke up and called for either Mommy or Daddy and I made the mistake of bringing him back to bed with me. I think if I had laid down in his bed for a bit, he would have gone back to sleep. That is what I will do tonight if it happens again. And nap time this afternoon was excellent. Here is to keeping my fingers crossed that it will continue. I am posting a few pictures of their new room/beds below. Don't worry, the potty chairs in the picture are spare ones and are only being used as a step stool for them to get into bed. The real potty chairs are in the bathroom!! :-)

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