Monday, January 3, 2011

Surgery on the Near Horizon for Thomas

Hi everyone, Happy New Years and we hope that all of you had a good holiday. We had a good holiday and a good visit with Grandma Mimi (pictures below).

One thing we did over the holiday week was take Thomas to an ENT specialist as he has been having breathing issues for the past month during sleep. He has always snored really loud but over the past month or so, he has stopped breating in his sleep and it had become so regular that it was happening every few minutes. The determination--his tonsils have to come out. We don't know about the adnoids yet. The doctor is going to try to delay the surgery until closer to his 3rd birthday but will do it sooner if the breathing gets worse. My poor Thomas, I hate for him to have to go through this, but the after results should be much improved for him. He is tired all the time now as he does not get restful sleep. We will keep you posted on when the surgery will be.

Here are some pictures of our visit with Grandma Mimi:

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