Thursday, December 17, 2009

18 Month Well Check

Hi everyone,
The boys had their 18 month well check today and both got a raving review. Even though Thomas has croup, both boy's ears were clear--no infections. We are to give them Primocort throughout the winter to help keep away the the respiratory infections they have had in the past (RSV and Croup). Both boys are very advanced on their language skills (the doctor said way past the 18 month normal) and Matthew is showing interest in using the potty so we are going to set that out for his "use". Their stats were:

Weight 28 pounds 4 oz
34" tall

Weight 23 pounds 8 oz
32 " tall

They got their 2nd H1N1 shot today (and so did Mommy at her doctor appointment) so hopefully (after Reed gets his) the household can avoid the worst of that.

Otherwise both boys are doing really good and Matthew will have some more testing done for his reflux (see the post from yesterday).

I will try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Reed, Sue, Matthew & Thomas

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