Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Hi everyone,
I just had to share with you some of the boy's sayings:

Matthew: Daddy, Mommy, Thomas, Matthew---FAMILY (Matthew and Thomas like to name all of the members of our family and then yell FAMILY)

Thomas: after drinking a full cup of juice and me asking him if he would want more, he grabs his belly and says "No, belly all full"

Thomas: after asking me to fix the safety lock on the door and me saying in a minute, Thomas says to me "Get off chair, fix it"

Thomas: all last week Thomas spent at my parents because Monday daycare was closed due to a funeral (so Matthew was with him), Tues, Wed and Fri he was not feeling well (all week actually) and Thursday both boys were at my parents. So Thomas started saying each morning "Matthew Daycare, Thomas Pepere and Memere's" and of course Thomas would do this right in Matthew's face.

And many many more sayings, so many that we split our sides laughing so hard sometimes. They are truly getting more vocal and expressive!!

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