Monday, June 21, 2010

2 year appointments and new haircuts

The boys had their two year checkups Friday and the weight difference is growing between the two:

Thomas: 35 pounds and 36 inches tall
Matthew: 27 pounds and 33 inches

The checkups went very well. But we had to take them up to the hospital lab for some blood drawing to check a few things (mostly allergies and a CBC count for Matthew) and that was a BAD experience, they could not get the vein in the first arm for Matthew and had to do the second arm (he almost passed out). Thomas was difficult as well, but they got it in the first arm. And all this after getting a new vaccine in the leg. Poor little men!!!!!

Then on Saturday, we took the boys to get yet another haircut and we chose to do crew cuts this time as Thomas runs so hot that we are hoping the crew cut will keep him a little cooler. Not to mention that they both hate to have their hair dried so this will make that whole process much easier. Below is a picture of the new do's, I will try to get better pictures this next weekend and post some more.

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