Monday, March 23, 2009

Update with Pictures (finally!) OK, with so much going on - we are sorry we have not been keeping our blog up as well as we should.House - we are finally in! Yes indeed - enough unpacking and work updating some of the electrical items in the house have been completed that we were finally able to move in to the house permanently! Thanks to Sue's parents for allowing us to stay with them and helping us with all the work (both house and boys). We have attached pictures below of most of the house. Needless to say - going from a 2600 sqft new home to a 1800 sqft house built in 1924... we had some challenges just getting all of our stuff to fit (not that we had too much stuff...). In any event, we are going to start enjoying settling in with the boys now and will let you know of our upcoming projects as they unfold.

Boys... much has happened with these little bundles of joy since just a few weeks ago. In general, they are doing great (albeit a lingering cold/cough that sometimes plagues Matthew, and just adjusting to all the changes). Let me hit the highlights: Thomas was first to get a tooth. That little sharp tooth popped out last week after a day or two of some discomfort. Thomas has caught up with Matthew in terms of his ability to stand and sit down with relative smoothness, although Matthew clearly has a couple of weeks on his brother on the mobility path. Interestingly however, Thomas is showing more signs of wanting to walk than his brother who seems more than comfortable just crawling everywhere he needs to go. Both boys are showing some stranger anxiety and if Mommy or Daddy are in the area - they both will strain for them more times than not.

Daycare...the boys are starting to settle into their new daycare, though it is still rough when dropping them off as Thomas still cries for a while. But they both seem happy when we pick them up and they are adjusting to being in with older children (this daycare is in an individual's home so there are varying ages of the children-no more being in a room with all the same age children). They still have a hard time taking naps at daycare and seem to prefer to sleep in their car seats as opposed to the play pens, hopefully that will change soon.

Reed's starting date with the Limestone Police dept will be sometime in April for part time and then full time in May (tentatively--it will all get worked out in the next few weeks) and he has some training and other items to get done before starting. There are many reasons for the delay in the start date, but mostly due to the move and not getting settled into the house as quickly as we thought we could. But everything is coming together finally.

OK, we have rattled on too long - much work on the house remains to be done. We hope that everyone is well and our best to all. More updates soon. Until then, please take care.

Love - Reed, Sue, Matthew and Thomas

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