Monday, August 11, 2008

Update from Matthew

Hi everyone,

This is Matthew. I am doing ok, just having a lot of issues with Reflux. I really can't sleep on my back at all right now because I get too congested from the Reflux, so last night Daddy and I slept all night in the chair. I slept better only getting up at 1 AM and then at 5 AM to eat (after eating at 8:30 PM). But since I am so congested, I have a hard time eating and choke alot. Mommy called the doctor again today and they suggested that I try sleeping on a wedge so Mommy is going to go get me one today and they also want Mommy and Daddy to thicken my milk with some rice cereal as that should help with the Reflux so we will be trying that tonight as well. I am getting bigger and eating more now (I have now doubled my birth weight--I weighed 10 lbs 2 oz last Thursday). Both my brother and I are way ahead on the eating schedule (eating about what a 4 month old baby should eat and we are now just about 11 weeks old) but the doctor seems to think that that is because the Refulx--the milk soothes our throat so we want to have more even though we may not actually be hungry. We hope the cereal works. I am posting some pictures of me below. I love to play with Mommy and Daddy and smile (though it is hard to catch my smile on camera!).



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Marc said...

A couple of good looking kiddos!

Marc Scrivener