Tuesday, May 6, 2008

May 6th OB Appointment

Hi everyone,

I had an OB appointment today and I am borderline preeclampsia. Due to my blood pressure being up, the doctor has taken me out of work for the remainder of the pregnancy. I am at the end of week 35 and we are hoping to get another 2-3 weeks but it could be anytime now. I will now be seeing the OB twice per week so I will see him again on Friday. Otherwise things are going well. I will keep everyone posted as we go through these remaining few weeks.



Erika said...

i hope you and the babies stay as healthy as you can! we're thinking of you constantly!

Lee said...

Sue, I pray for you daily. I was put to bed when I was my twin pregnancy was 30 weeks along and I made it to my due date. It's tough to do; just remember you'll need all that rest when you bring those babies home!