Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Potty Training Success and Various Pictures

Hi everyone,

Congratulations to Thomas and Matthew who are now (for the most part) potty trained. Thomas has only had one accident in over two weeks now throughout the day (including staying dry during nap time). Matthew has not had any accidents except he won't poop in the potty (still demands a diaper for that activity) and he may occasionaly get up wet from a nap. But otherwise, THEY DID IT!!!! YEAH!!!!

They had a great time with the Easter Egg hunt that their Aunts/Cousin/Memere/Pepere put on for them and are really starting to enjoy the warmer weather and the ability to play outside.

They are both doing really well with Block Buddies they got for Christmas where they have to use the blocks to build the shape on the card. Here are some recent pictures of the boys.

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