Thursday, January 7, 2010

Matthew's Test is complete

Hi everyone,

Matthew, Mommy and Memere arrived home yesterday afternoon. Matthew's testing went very well though he did have a rough 3-4 hours while coming out of the anesthesia. Otherwise he was an angel the entire trip. Going down he only slept about 45 min in the car but had a wonderful time running around LL Bean in the afternoon as a stretching stop and a place to meet my sister and get the key to her apartment which is where we stayed Monday night. We all went out for dinner to the Macaroni grill where Matthew thought it delightful that he could color on the table and then decided to "throw" (actually knocked it) his plate off the table to shatter on the floor. Tuesday morning he never complained about not being able to eat. He was having a great time playing with Aunt Sara's kitties. At the hospital he did great and only got upset while I held him and the doctor held the mask to his face to put him under. The procedure only took about 45 min and then they brought me down to the recovery room to wait for him to wake up. When he did he was very mad, he did not seem to know who I was and he had restraints on this arms which only made him madder. It was a few hours of him screaming and thrashing non-stop (during which I almost dropped him three times) then he fell asleep for an hour and then woke up and screamed and thrashed for another hour. After that he seemed to settle down and I took the restraints off. He did very well the rest of the stay (even rode around the floor in a "car" for the evening and thoroughly enjoyed that) and we were allowed to leave around 8:30 Wed morning. He did sleep for a while on the way home and was very happy to see his Daddy, brother and Pepere when he got home. The initial report is that the anatomy of the esophagus, stomach and small intestine look good. We now have to wait for the results of the biopsies and the PH probe which will be late next week.

All of my thanks to my Mom and Sister for driving us, putting us up and being there through a very rough time and putting up with me.


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sara.bernier said...

Only if next weeks means this week. Love this doctor, still not to keen on the nurses. I was talking to some other ppl and they say that complaints about the staff there are not all that uncommon. It could have been a lot worse though.