Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update on the Boys

The boys have been having a great time outside (sometimes getting themselves so tired in the morning that they fall asleep eating lunch as you can see below). Thomas has been greatly enjoying eating fresh corn-on-the-cob and raw carrots and stringbeans right out of the garden. They have enjoyed riding the ATVs and picking leaves. Thomas is more vocal then Matthew when it comes to saying words (he loves to repeat what you say) and Matthew loves to scream and say hello. Thomas is very good at pointing to an apple and saying apple (with the c sound rather than the p sound) and pointing at pictures of stars and saying "tar". Thomas has transitioned himself at daycare to taking his naps on a mat rather than in this playpen. One day he just went to the mat and laid down and fell asleep and now he won't go back into the playpen at daycare. Good for him. They have their 15 month checkup next week so we will post those stats. Enjoy the pics below.


Amanda said...

mine used to fall asleep during lunch too! I love to see children enjoying the fresh air, and fresh food! yum yum!!!

rnonken said...

They love it at my parents so much, there is so much room to run about whereas at our house in town, there just is not much room at all.