Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sick Boys

So Tuesday night it began (well really on Sunday when both boys started showing signs of a head cold). Both boys were irritable at daycare on Monday (enough to cause daycare to call me to alert me to that fact) but were fine Monday night. Tuesday night we put Thomas to bed around his normal bed time and all seemed fine. Around 1 AM we heard this terrible sound on the monitor and ran into this room to discover that the little man could hardly breathe in the laying down position and upright was not so great either. So Daddy rushed him to the emergency room (which by the way the new hospital is GREAT) to discover that Thomas has Croup and needed a breathing treatment and a steroid shot. Then they had to watch him for 3 hours. He came home and other than having to go see his normal doctor in the morning and eating (the steroid makes him so hungry--more than he normally is) he slept most of the day. So he is now taking a steroid for a few days to ensure his airways stay open.

So this morning I took Matthew to the doctor because his cough has gotten worse only to discover that he has a double ear infection. Poor little guy!!! So he starts a 10 day antibiotic. Lets hope all are feeling better for the holidays.

The Nonkens


Amanda said...

yep, it's always both at once! hope they feel better soon!

slburn05 said...

They will be all better! I have faith, and i miss you all. Love ya.