Friday, November 7, 2008

What a great Weekend

Ok--I can't resist--I gotta post more pictures--see below.

The boys started eating veggies last weekend (the 1st of November). They started with Sweet Potatoes and seemed to really like it. It is so amazing how big they are both getting, Thomas will probably outgrow his bouncy seat and car seat by length before poundage -- but you never know!

They love to spend time in the jumperoo and both have this little dance they do in it going back and forth. Thomas loves his rattle from Grandma Mimi and even fell asleep holding onto it.

Matthew loves to stick his tongue out now (wonder where he got that from?? ha ha) and Thomas loves to laugh out loud at everything and anything. They certainly have their own personalities now.

We can't wait for the Holidays to arrive so they can see family again. Grandma Lilli and Aunt Lisa are coming for Thanksgiving and then we are going to the Northeast for Christmas with stops in CT and ME. They will see LOTS of family then and we cannot wait!!!!

We love and miss everyone.

Reed, Sue, Matthew and Thomas

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