Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thomas rolls from Back to Front

Hi everyone,

Another milestone weekend!! Thomas rolled from his back to his stomach twice today. Matthew has not done this yet but he is very close as well. Both are doing very well eating their cereal with a spoon. Matthew is still struggling a lot with the reflux, now requiring to be held upright most of the time. This is not easy on us, but hopefully he will grow out of it soon (esp. for his sake because hearing him cry out in pain is breaking our hearts).

I thought I would try to upload some new picutres, they both love playing with each other on the mat and enjoy watching each other.

Reed, Sue, Thomas, and Matthew


Amanda said...

Reed & Sue, congrats! Your boys are growing up and learning so much! I wanted to give you a little preview! Mine are almost 2.5 yrs old, and they LOVE playing together. When I pick them up from Mother's Morning Out, I'll ask who they played with, and they always say the other's name. And if one wakes up earlier than the other one, he'll ask for his brother! I always wanted my boys to be good friends, and so far so good!

Anonymous said...

move closer!! I mean I love you and i am so happy and they are so cute. :)

Erika said...

they are so cute! i wish i could come play with them and spoil them rotten like a good aunt. :)