Monday, September 22, 2008

Hi everyone,
I know that we have not been great at keeping the blog up to date, but there is hardly time in the day to do much more than the absolute necessary. But this weekend marked a number of Firsts for the boys.
Thomas and Matthew both tried eating rice cereal from a spoon. Thomas did very well and Matthew--well he wore more than he ate. But he had a good time. There are some pictures of our first eating posted below.
As you may have noticed we posted a video of Thomas laughing. This is a true, from the belly laugh. He started doing this about two weeks ago and the video is from the 13th. There are days when I pick him up from day care and he will just look at me and start laughing. Matthew will laugh quietly and we have not been able to get that on video yet. They are both very happy babies. They both "talk" quite a bit and we hope to have video of that loaded within the next week.
The other big First is that both Thomas and Matthew rolled from their stomach to their back this weekend. We had Thomas on the mat playing on his tummy yesterday afternoon and all of a sudden he just rolled himself to his back. We were not expecting that so we did not have the video recorder on. Last night we put both Thomas and Matthew down to play and we thought, why not give them some tummy time and maybe Thomas will roll over again. And this time we had the recorder going. So I turned Matthew onto his belly and went to turn Thomas and by the time I had Thomas turned to his belly, Matthew had rolled himself from his tummy to his back. And we got that on video so we will be posting that as well.
In any event, here are some pictures from the past weekend.
Love,Reed, Sue, Matthew and Thomas

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